Everyone Plays means that any child who regularly attends practice and arrives prior to the start of  his or her scheduled game will play at least half of the game without regard to ability.  In Region 69,  all  U06 - U14  players play 3/4 of each game.  

Balanced Teams  means that skilled and less skilled players are evenly distributed among the teams.  Teams are completely re-formed each year to prevent building "dynasties". 

Open Registration means that all children who wish to, may play without regard to ability provided they register by the deadline, and if they don't register by the deadline, they may play provided there is space. 

Positive Coaching  means coaching through encouragement rather than criticism.  Negative remarks directed toward the players or the officials are not tolerated. 

Good Sportsmanship  means  we create a positive environment based on mutual respect, rather than a win-at-all-cost attitude.